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the journalists were first captured. here are the events that brought us to this points. >> thank you for having us here. >> they were working for the cable network that al gore founded -- current tv. they were on a story about human trafficking back in march and they were right here' chinese-north korean border when north korean forces grabbed them. >> two american citizens are being detained by the north. the less we say about this publicly, the better for those parties concerned. >> the women accused of illegally entering north korea and engaging in hostile acts, one of them the sister of the well known journalist, lisa ling. lisa and others back in the united states could only hold vigils and worry. >> what makes it scary is that i can't really picture or imagine what is happening for her, and it's that sort of unknown which makes it all the more scary. >> but knowing their fate did not make it better. both women were sentenced to 12 years hard labor. it was a punishment few predicted would actually be carried out. but even before the sentence came down, the secretary of state, hillary clint
power consumption and low impact production processes. for the rest of us well, they just look stylish. >>reporter: when it comes to technology, less is more. we want it smaller and more powerful; to look better and sound better. which is why scientists at warwick university in the uk have invented a revolutionary new thin and flexible speaker - which actually started out life as a sheet of tin foil and some baking paper. >>billson: this is essentially what we call an electro static speaker. and that means it works by converting electrical voltage to sound. a conventional loudspeaker, one of these, converts electrical current to sound. now this as you can see is relatively small which means that sound goes off in all directions. because this is a relatively large area, and all the sound resonates at the same phase & frequency, this means it's a lot more directional than conventional speakers >>reporter: this material can't produce bass level frequencies at the moment, so it could only really replace your tweeters. it'll also need to be driven by a different kind of amp but on the plus
's coming up. welcome to the now network. right now five co-workers are working from the road using a mifi, a mobile hotspot that provides up to five shared wifi connections. two are downloading the final final revised final presentation. - one just got an e-mail. - what?! - huh? - it's being revised again. the co-pilot is on mapquest. - ( rock music playing ) - and tom is streaming meeting psych-up music from meltedmetal.com. shepard: finally, closure for the family of a navy pilot who disappeared from iraq 18 years ago. relatives of scott speicher have been given briefings about his disappearance in iraq. his plane was shot down the first night of the persian gulf war back in 1991 and he became the first american lost in that conflict. his family was told over the weekend that the marines had identified his remains. their lawyer says the navy pilot will be laid to rest in the jacksonville, florida, area, in accordance with his wishes. the white house today gave a bit of weight to mahmoud ahmadinejad's second term as president of iran. a reporter asked the white house press secretary, r
. >> an amazing, never before heard explanation of who these iranian basij really are from a man who used to be one of them. >>> look at this picture shall. the former president trying to win the release of two journalists. it's happening now on your national conversation for tuesday, august 4th, 2009. >>> hello again, everybody. i'm rick sanchez. this is a conversation, as we often say, no the a speech. as always, it's your turn to get involved. as we begin this particular conversation, there is another health care forum that has been interrupted. there seems to be a pattern going on here. have you seen some of the pictures that we've been showing from around the country? i want you to see this one for yourself. i also want you to make your own decision as you watch this. i am going to show you as much of this as we think is necessary for you to get a clear picture of what's going on. this is the latest example. green bay wisconsin, last night, democratic congressman and medical doctor, steve kagin, he called a meeting to discussion the crucial issue of health care reform since he is a d
's been the last 24 hours or so at 3.33%. u.s. yields here moved fairly high yesterday as we saw a bigger appetite for risk and a lot of folks moved out of the bond fixed income market. we've got the ten-year notoriety now at 3.63% and gold at the moment not attracting too much of a bid, either, with a lot of folks continuing to have that appetite for risk. credit teen. >> bertha, joining us now for market strategy, we have christian baberg market strategist glaxo bank and hopefully we will have steven teich later in the show. christian, do you think markets are too optimistic? >> yes, we do think so. if you look at what's going on in markets right now, markets are pricing in that consumers will start a pick up in demand. namely, that inventory to a certain part will have to be refilled. but from that point on, markets are pricing in a huge pick up in consumer demand and quite frankly, we've had some difficulty seeing where it's coming from. because if you see what consumers are doing, especially in the united states but also in europe, there are savings more now, the savings rate in the
simms joins us with the latest. >> that question is something police are still concerned about. they are trying to find an answer. they did have access somehow and a telling us this investigation has grown. the police probe into what happened inside of this house in the middle river and a hotel room has grown into a federal investigation. >> one of these incidents, we know, happened in georgia. we are working with the fbi on this case now. >> baltimore county police arrested 34-year-old j anjohn nicklas and his 26-year-old girlfriend shannon honea. they engaged in and found the child sexual abuse. police are trying to identify the children. >> we want to first find them and get them what they need and then bring justice to the whole incident. >> both are emergency medical technicians. they work for an ambulance company that transports patients to hospitals and nursing homes. a spokesman says these are very serious allegations. we will cooperate fully with the appropriate law enforcement agencies. the company fired both on monday for not showing up to work for two days last week
didn't use the word competent when he said that mccain said what the party needs to do is recruit hispanics but not just because they are hispanic. possibility same meaning but not the same word. we just thought we would let you know. here is suzanne malveaux now in for wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >> thanks, rick. happening now, breaking news, north korea pardons two imprisoned american journalists after extraordinary intervention by former president bill clinton, taking his case directly to kim jong-il in north korea. the two women convicted of hostile acts and serving a 12-year sentence of hard labor. now we are learning new details about what the former president has to do and say to win their freedom and when they will be coming home. >>> wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux in cnn's command center for breaking news, politics, extraordinary reports from around the world. you are in "the situation room." >>> we are following breaking news this hour t is a stunning turn of events in north korea where former president bill clinton made a surprise trip to win
. there is however a need for consistency and rigor and the use of award fee. we should incentivize the contractor performance excellence. i fully support the recommendation that we establish an evaluation factors. definitions of performance, associated fees, and infatuation scales that motivate performance and prohibited fees for unsatisfactory performance. it is effectively using these contras to incentivize excellent contract performance. it is in line with the guidance in december 2007. we will strengthen that policy by issuing amplifying guidance that addresses the concerns raised byjao and recognizes that our major programs, all board, and the requirements need to be tailored to their different mission portfolios and contract objectives. specifically, we will is expected guidance in choosing the right contract time, determine ratings and other categories, and the fee paid for meeting the standards. and ensure that the fee is not pay for unsatisfactory performance. we are committed to working with any interagency group to establish how best to what i weighed this is a tool for improving contr
they themselves were killed. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm ross palumbo in for michelle guillen. >>> former president bill clinton arrived in north korea this morning to try to secure the release of two american journalists held there since march. mr. clinton's unannounced trip comes amid growing tension over north korea's nuclear ambitions. tara mergener is live with the latest. >> reporter: former president clinton arrived in north korea oms i he is there with two major goals. he arrived in north korea on a mission. to bring two american journalists back home. >> it may be a face-saving measure by the north koreans, saying we need a high level, prominent american person to come over, and then we'll go. >> reporter: euna lee and laura ling were working for al gore's current tv when they were tried in march. they were tried, convicted and sentenced to 12 years hard labor for crossing the border illegally and committing grave crimes. >> all we can say to the government of north korea is we desperately beg for mercy. >> reporter: washington has been
aboard, folks. 6:00 in new york city. thank you for joining us. brian is off. peter is here today. peter. good morning. gretchen: let's talk about bill clinton. haven't heard about him for a while. he has been dispatched to north korea to try to bring those those two americans who have been in prison. they were ordered to 12 years of hard labor, laura ling and yuna lee. now the president -- it's unclear who requested him to come over to north korea, but can he get the job done? he's known as a diplomat. the rest of the world basically loves this guy. can he make his magic work there? steve: the two women were working for a company that was owned by al gore. and al gore does have an association with bill clinton. i believe they worked together back in the 1990's from what i remember. >> they don't like each other, i don't think. steve: then why is he here? apparently one of the families said, remember, we've imprisoned the girls for 12 years because we think they were spies. but, you know what? we would release them to bill clinton. if bill clinton shows up, laura ling and yuna lee, we mi
. >> ed cook took us inside one of the simulators to show us turbulence up close. so it feels like aairplane in here? >> once we shut the door it will feel like we're in an airplane. the pilots use a five-point harness. >> that's two and then the middle one down here. that would be three. our simulated flight into danger felt unnervingly real. there's miami below us. like the pro he s cook guided us up the coast and then into the everglades. >> we are headed into the red spot and the more we get into the cloud the more turbulence we'll experience. notice that the wheel is moving more, notice that we're bouncing around a little bit more. >> this is exactly what you would not do if you're flying? >> that's exactly right. this could get bad. >> he gave us a good taste of turbulence, that pilots do everything in real life to avoid. >> because it could do structural damage to the airplane and would hurt people, particularly those not belted in. >> what's causing the turbulence now? >> turbulence right now is just air spilling off around the clouds. it's just the instability around the c
to try to negotiate the release of two u.s. journalists who were jailed. police detained four men who allegedly planned a third assault on an army base. arrests of three americans who crossed the border from iraq, entered illegally. the meeting for the first time in 20 years. the palestinian groups fought a comes up with a fresher approach to dealing with israel. also this hour -- >> on the wrong side of europe, condemned to death. >> ukraine's poor health. how the economic and political crisis is having a serious impact on the country house unlocked -- and the new film "9." is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london, 8:00 p.m. in the p'yongyang. where there has been a surprising turn in the troubled relations between north korea and the united states. the former american president, bill clinton, has a ride in the north capitol to try to negotiate the release of two u.s. journalists who were sentenced to 12 years' hard labor. euna lee and orlin were jailed in june after being convicted of entering the country illegally. the invitation to bill clinton may be a sign that north korea i
for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> an historic meeting between former u.s. president bill clinton and north korea's kim jong-il. and reports say two jailed american journalists have been freed. australian police belief they have foiled a major terrorist plot. four suspects accuse of links with somali extremist. >> a woman goes on trial accused of dressing indies ently. she wore trousers in a restaurant. welcome to "bbc world news." broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, what kind of policing do you call this? a new human rights report says too many of india's place are abusive and failing at their job. a hollywood actress takes send moo on the road. >> cinema is for everybody and everywhere. we are knowing how few opportunities there are for people to realize how incredibly wise cinema is. >> hello. a secretive come nist state with nuclear ambitions which has been playing fast and loose with the rest of the world. today they have been playing host to bill clinton, the most senior visitor in a decade. he met north korean leader, kim jong-i
caused many of us to question that while households are tightening their budgets, federal agencies continue to report profit two companies if it were expected and not earned. it is if one had a restaurant and you go to it as a customer. it is if you are a waiter or waitress and charged them with items that you did not ask for. some agencies are giving contractors or were just as poorly, pretty much everything those contractors could want. . . that said, i do believe there can be some possible solutions and some that we may want to pursue. after it was exposed that department of defense contractors were getting reword fees, this estimated in foreign $50 million in savings in the programs were the rollover practice was once used. perhaps, this should be extended to other agencies. i've personally do not see the object of incentivizing worked contractors if we do not know whether they work. in some cases, they do not know what they want out of the contractors that they do business with, let alone how the performance should be delivered. schedules and put -- skills and -- they may be u
labor. instead, they are expected to get a ride home with bill clinton in comfort. >> u.s. officials said the plan to have former president bill clinton secure the release of the two american journalists was negotiated before he landed, and at the airport, he was greeted by north korea's top leaders, including its lead nuclear negotiator, but the white house insisted this was a private visit by the former president, and that he was not carrying any message from president obama. >> our focus right now is in insuring that the safety of two journalists that are in north korea right now. thaw is not how north korea's state-unnews agency characterized the visit, which included a dinner meeting with kim jung il. at the meeting place, bill clinton resphectsfully delivered barack obama's message to kim jung il. >> mr. clinton is the first high-level american to meet kim sing the north korean leader reportedly had a stroke last august, providing the dictator was a badly needed propaganda victory, according to former u.n. ambassador john bolton. >> obviously bringing a former president to nort
miami-dade. ralph, the photographer and reporter, is up in fox sky for us. we'll get back to ralph and our local station there in south florida as events warrant. first, though, north korea. former president clinton on a mission there to meet with the country's dear leader kim jong il. his immediate goal? the release of two american journalists sentenced 12 years with hard labor. breaking in just the past hour fox news confirmed that president clinton met with those two women. there is much more to this story, angled that could impact american diplomacy quite literally around the world. we'll cover it all today starting with the latest overseas. the former president flew into north korea earlier today. the visit was kept secret until he landed, and played down by the white house. then the big meeting with kim jong il. pictures released by north korea, i'm told. officially the white house says this is a private mission on president clinton's part. but keep in mind this is a former u.s. president talking to a rogue state that has recently tested nuclear weapons. and his wife just hap
for us. >> they are saying that most of the filming in this case was done at the couple's middle river home. this is a story that had most of us in the media and police speechless. they were emt's charged with doing unthinkable things to children ages 2 years old to 13 years old. police believe there may be more but victim's -- more victims. >> this is gross. it is indecent. there is no other term but they felt term to describe it. >> in the story of a 34 year-old john nicklas and 26 year-old shannon honea the notion is all you can feel. it april started back on july 15. detectives were able to determine that child pornography was located inside their home here on the 9700 block -- in middle river. police seized computers and several cd's and dvd's. it was not until after police viewed the videos is when they determined that the suspects were part of the child pornography. >> they were part of the sexual acts and selling it. they were distributing it to other people. >> according to court documents the abuse involving children ages 2-13. a vast amount of prescription bottles were found
. >> it is good for the economy, good for our quality of life, good for the more sustainable future that all of us want to be able to create for the next generation. >> the governor is seeking federal approval and funding to build two new light rail projects. the 16-mile purple line would connect new carrollton to bethesda. the red line runs 14.5 miles. daily ridership is projected at 54,000. the governors' endorsement of the red line drew mixed reaction from a crowd he addressed at the rail station in west baltimore. [applause and boo's] >> the red line, also known as alternative for see, is opposed by several. >> we know that everybody is not going to like the plan. >> they are concerned the red line will divide it the corridor, opposing the single track tunnel, citing delays and possibly collisions. >> this is not a sound move by our governor. he has just put a lot of lives in danger. >> many oppose putting a port where the tracks, the ground. they say are not opposed to the mass transit the they want the red line built underground. >> the city spent millions of dollars beautifying boston backs
trals to nortkorea to bring two american reporters home. >>> are ousands more u.s. troops going to afghanistan? itas a question that was considered at a supersececret meeting this past weend. >>> and rough flight. >> i woke up when mymy hd hit the ceiling. an ememergency l lanandiding af hitting turbulence over the atlantic. hitting turbulence over the atlantic. dozens are injured. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. we start with breaking news on the fate of two american journalists held in north korea. former president clinton has arrived on a surprise visit to north korea. >> mr. clinton is expected to return with laura ling and euna lee. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. it is an extraordinary trip that is being made by former president bill clinton. clinton's visit to korea as there's heightened tensions over the nuclear programs. he hopes to win the freedom of those american journalists, laura ling and euna lee. he was greeted by the country's vice president and the vice foreign minister, who is also the country's chief
, go to our blog at cnn.com/amfix. that's going to do it for us. >> it sounds easier to let your neighbor dog sit. >>> here's "cnn newsroom" with heidi collins, have a great day. >>> surprise, former president bill clinton is in north korea and he's on a mission too. he's trying to free two american journalists. and he's getting a pretty warm welcome, our foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty will be taking a closer look at that. also, keeping a very close eye on iran today because there are new accusations and new questions about the three americans that we told you about that are under arrest there. we'll be getting to that story shortly. >>> and in pakistan, young boys stolen from their homes, brainwashed and then trained to kill. good morning, everybody, i'm heidi collins, today is tuesday, august 4th, and you are in the "cnn newsroom." >>> a rare mission inside north korea for a former american president, bill clinton arrived there early this morning. he's there trying to gain the release of two jailed journalists. they were sentenced to 12 years in a very secretive t
of terror. passengers tell us about the moment their packed jetliner dropped like a stone. we answer your questions about turbulence. >>> as children head back to school, we have the swine flu survival kit. >>> and does air conditioning turn you into a popsicle? is this a female thing? we take a stand on our hot is this a female thing? we take a stand on our hot topics this morning. captions paifor by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer, with chris cuomo. robin is on assignment, on this august 4th, 2009. and everyone has been thinking all along, who could sweep into north korea? who could gain the american journalists? >> the answer is presidentill clinton. he landed in the capital today. >> it's an extraordinary mission, as you say, because of the high level of it. and everybody wondering, since they have been there for five months, we know the sentence was 12 years of hard labor. will it work? let's go straight to martha raddatz and see what she has learned. martha? >> reporter: good morning, diane. the one thing that is clear here is bill clinton would not have go
. >> this is a very, very serious matter for us. >> an alarming mistake. the condition of a man that was wrongly pronounced dead. >>the heat is on for most of the week. when things might cool off a bit in the sky watch forecast. >> why cash-for-clunkers could still come to a crashing halt. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert has tonight off. baltimore county police have arrested a couple for having sex with children. police say it happened in middle river. the alleged victims are as young as two. keith daniels at county police headquarters with the story. keith? >> well, jeff, police say the couple made porno videos. they are not sure how long they have done it. but they do know that they did it in other locations. one of the videos they found is titled "fun in atlanta" but tonight there is concern over the shocking discovery in middle river. baltimore county police want everybody to take a good look at these people. it is 34-year-old john nicklas, and 26-year-old shannon honeya. accused of filming and p
that is something for them. >> i have seen tremendous games and their abilities to use their hands and all of that, to use their legs. the question is, will there be money to hire new conductive education teachers? for nine news now and wusa9.koƔpld. >>> this is that time of the year when every other day, theyed could have a thunderstorm. maybe every day. >> yes. >> they could have that thunderstorm in it. >> no doubt. you could put this on there just about every day and be covered. well it feels like a little tropical out there tonight. the humidity has gone up. you speak of the tropics, just looking in the weather office and something surprised me. we have not had one tropical storm or hurricane out there. yet this season. >> no name storms? >> we are almost into the middle of august. that is very unusual, yes. there is nothing on the horizon, at least nothing that i see that could possibly develop out there. >> you're not going to complain about that? >> no. just very unusual to go this far or this deep into the tropical season. and that is without any activities. we'll see if
. >> reporter: he had taken an herb in the mint family. it was originally used by indians in mexico for traditional healing ceremonies, and to induce visions, out-of- body experiences. >> it's amazing to me how they can sell this stuff. >> reporter: abc 2 news found it sold online. but you can also find it in stores. signs are on the front door and store employees are ready to talk about it as undercover cameras watched and listened. >> can you explain it? it makes your body go to a different place. >> reporter: salvia is smoked or chewed for the high. and the instructions say it's a tool for self-discovery. but these store clerks warn that they had heard stories about bad trips. >> one time and was running down the block like running two blocks down the road. thought an that continue da anaconda was chasing him. >> reporter: including schizophrenia, flashbacks. but no federal laws regulate. this. >> it's just not something that comes to the attention of law enforcement very often. oftentimes and maybe the poison control center and hospitals that first hear about this. >> reporter:
the judge's nomination to the u.s. supreme court today. >>> also, pakistan's lost boy. they say the taliban stole him from their families and forced them to train for terror. hello to you all, glad you could be here. i'm t.j. holmes sitting in for my good friend tony harris. you are in the "cnn newsroom." >>> the former president clinton hopes to bring two jailed journalists home with him. elaine quijano is on the story with us at the white house and jill doherty joining us, as well. elaine, i want to start with you here. we've been hearing a lot coming out of there and a lot of this information, we can't confirm since our reporters aren't necessarily traveling and a lot of people didn't know about this trip. president clinton was carrying a message from the current president obama. what are you hearing from the white house on that? not the case. >> yeah, t.j., the white house flatly denies that. last hour at the press gaggle, basically, and secretary robert gibbs office he was asked about this. was there a message that former president clinton, because of this report, was there was a messa
>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> let's get a check on the forecast. >> it is going to be a hot one today. typical august weather. it is heating up. yesterday it was not bad. we hit 85 degrees at the airport. we are under a risky air quality to a downtown. it is unhealthy to breathe in. with the humidity, it is not going to feel much better. we are starting out warm in the metropolitan area. 69 degrees at bwi marshall. 63 degrees across the state line in north pennsylvania. as far as their highs today, 87 degrees-91 degrees. it is feeling more humid as the deep. -- dewpoint are starting to creep up. what does traffic look like? >> good morning. we are dealing with one early morning accident on a road. some delays and lane closures. otherwise, traffic is in the green. in nice ride as far richer drive time. 11 minutes on the outer loop north side and west side. and it is a smooth down the 895 split and fort mchenry. we are looking at a nice ride on the i-895 towards the harbor tunnel. that is the latest. back to you. >> good morning. thank you. our big
and david, the critics are ld coming out saying we have allowed bill clinton to be used as a propaganda tool. john boulton, of course, who was the hardliner in the bush administration, saying that we are rewarding essentially north korea's bad behavior, and pointing out that bill clinton was met on the ground there when he got off the plane there with the lead north korean negotiator when it comes to these nuclear arms negotiations. so you're doing to hear the critics talking about what went on there. >> anothnorah, we are talking a whether you might have the story line tomorrow is bill clinton upstaging secretary of state clinton. a lot of people got a little upset with us on twitter saying we're making up story lines, but you have incredible dynamics. it's not every day in this country where you have a secretary of state who is powerful who is a clinton and her husband is a former president able to go into north korea and secure the release and meet face-to-face with kim jong-il. there are so many dynamics at play, and it is all a part of an incredible conversation. >> this is probably the
with completing his mission of mercy. the two u.s. journalists were pardoned just hours after bill clinton arrived in north korea.white house still won't call it official. but the former president is clearly on a mission blessed by the obama administration. hillary clinton, the secretary of straight, has been demanding that north korea release u.s. journalists laura ling and euna lee sentenced by the north koreans in june to 12 years for illegal entry. in a statement, their families said they're overjoyed and counting the seconds to hold laura and yuna in our arms. free position the two was the main mission, but talks were wide ranging. and clinton got a meeting with kim jong-il. when clinton was president, former president jimmy carter went to north korea hnd helped cut a nuclear weapons ban. the deal slowly fell apart. two months ago, the north tested a nuclear with that. can clinton help now? >> possibly he'll be back with a message that says they're ready to talk to us. that's about all we can expect. >> reporter: but the north koreans have notched a win. >> they're able to have a big missile
the other clinton, hillary clinton in africa today. tell us about this visit, what she's trying to accomplish. >> this is her longest visit, her most ambitious visit. she's going to seven countries. she's taking on some tough issues. here in kenya, the most crushing issue is poverty, age, food problems, trade, a corrupt government, political instability. it hasn't been that long since 1,500 people died in ethnic rivalry and wars and battles after disputed election. so there were a lot of problems here in kenya. then she goes to south africa. while here, she will deal with the subject of terrorism and place a wreath at the embassy, which as you recall, 11 years ago, was bombed on this anniversary. so there is a threat, an increasing threat of al qaeda in the horn of africa, and that is something certainly on the minds of people traveling with her. >> well, plenty of issues to grapple with. andrea mitchell, traveling with secretary of state clinton in africa. we will see you from africa tomorrow. thank you so much for your perspective this afternoon. >> thank you, savannah. >>> an
it called a sincere apology for the journalist's actions on the border back in march. the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, immediately criticized president clinton's visit, saying the trip is what he called a significant propaganda victory for north korea. dan lothian has our report from the white house. >> reporter: it was a secret mission by a high level envoy. former president clinton, even as he was getting flowers on his arrival in north korea, the white house was mum. no details, no confirmation until almost ten hours later. why this delicate diplomatic dance? >> this obviously is a very sensitive topic. we will hope to provide some more detail at a later point. our focus right now is on ensuring the safety of the two journalists that are in north korea right now. >> reporter: according to sources intimately involved with the efforts, this was the culmination of weeks of quiet diplomacy, and that senator john kerry, chairman of the foreign relations committee, was also closely involved. one expert suggests the deal was virtually done before former pres
the program. as always, thank you for being with us. we toss it out to greta van susteren, who is standing by to go on the record. -- we toss it out to greta van susteren. greta kreuz -- we toss it now to greta van susteren. greta: on the telephone. >> a deal has already been worked out to release the two american journalists who were taken on march 17 on the border between north korea and china. the deal has essentially been worked out, i am being told from a senior u.s. official, and bill clinton is simply going there to put the final touches on it, to shake hands, and we understand there will be a fun opportunity. greta: it is extraordinary that the -- there will be a photo opportunity. greta: it is extraordinary that the former president is going there. >> i cannot remember, in fact, if jimmy carter has ever been or any former president, but what is extraordinary about this story is for bill clinton to go, we always assumed it would be governor bill richardson. he has a long history with the north koreans. it seemed that he leaked out at one point that al gore had approache
. when he leaves the air space is my guess is when we will wear officially from the u.s. government on this? >> incredible. >>> and tamron, now to the big picture, never mind the incredible story would be if those two journalists were able to come out with bill clinton, what about bill clinton's new role back on the world stage? it wasn't too long ago that clinton was seen as a potential liability for the obama administration. the story in "newsweek" about president clinton's migs and this trip could be clinton's second chance in pyongyang. this still marks a big moment for kim, it's a sort of recognition that the north korean leader has been eager to have for more than a decade. bill clinton man all but absent from the news since obama took office. so as the president's post white house legacy continues to be shaped, how much of it might be shaped by views overseas. kevin sullivan is a "washington post" foreign editor, and kevin is it also the expectation overseas that bill clinton is going to come out of north korean with these two american journalists? >> i think everyone believe
, because we have many kinds of vuss around us all the time. so while we have to say that it's possible tat thesewo or oter virus may mix and reult in a new virus, that's essential always the case. we can have such a enario y time. >> repoer: he says the risk diseases that jump from one specs to another has risen in rece decades, with dozens of example from e bow la t lyme disease. >> theestruction of forests are ohhe urbanizion of people, that'sreated new opportunies for new kinds of interaction betweenumans and animals. another is the ease with which people move aroundhe world w. there ve been so ma emergi diseases in the last few decad, we've seen dozens of new diseases. h.i.v. bng only one. most of which did result from a sprd of an organismrom he animal world to the human world. >> reporter:'leary sayst wille important to strike a balance, watching for early signs of outbreaks while voiding socially disruptive measur like shutting down th rit bird trade or shtting down the market. >> ifill: for more on how virus are transmitted from animals to huns and for a reporter's nebook on cambod
. savannah guthrie now joins us. savannah, interesting to see the kind of white house dance, or just as reverend jesse jackson has done a number of these kind of individual missions said an hour earlier, so is that to be expected? the white house needs a little distance from this? >> i think it's to be expected, especially at this moment when the former president is still in north korea. this is very delicate, trying to secure the release of these two american journalists. the white house may want to say something but it's not going to say anything until those journalists are safe and that is the reason. interesting, though, that they did reach out to say this is a private mission and that may be in service of the former president's goals over there. i think we will hear more of the back story. it's hard to imagine the former president, so connected to the current administration by hillary clinton, his wife, the secretary of state, wouldn't have the overt approval from the white house to do this but you're not going to hear that from the white house today. >> savannah, you know, one
, tell us to pull the plug on you. it sounds awful but that's the message getting out to a lot of people. >> certainly, they have taken parts of the plan and distorted some of them. some of them are legitimate concerns that some seniors have that some health care procedures may not be available to them late in life. but the one that they have really distorted is one that revolves around hospice care, and what basically that is is studies have shown if seniors write down a much more detailed -- not just a living will but real directives about what kind of care that they want, that then their wishes will be complied with and many times what they have found in states that do this a lot better than it's done nationally is that many times people don't want to die in an icu unit. they want to die at home with their family, and clearly -- >> i'm with you on that. fair enough. most people would be smart to make these declarations clear so their relatives don't have to make the decisions like in the schiavo case where the whole country got involved. senators got involved. members of congress were
joins us by phone. >> my sources are telling me that bill clinton is on route if not already in north korea. he is -- a deal has already been worked out to release the two american journalists who were taken on the border between north korea and china. the deal has been worked out, i am being told from a senior u.s. official. bill clinton is going there to put the final touches on the deal, shake hands, and there will be a photo opportunity. greta: it is extraordinary that the former president is going to north korea. i do not think any american president has been in north korea to my recollection. how about yours? >> i cannot remember. i cannot remember if jimmy carter has been or any former president. what is interesting about this story is that for bill clinton to go, we always thought it would be gov. bill richardson. he has a long history with the north koreans. it seemed that he leaked out at one point that al gore had approached him because these women were working for his current team. it was always assumed that when the time was right bill richardson would go. but gov. richar
and only a stray thunderstorm expected. angie goff, give us the news. >> i will get started by saying it is not terrible news out there. we have some tieups to tell you about. we will begin with southbound on the bw parkway where it meets 198. crash activity is pushed to the right shoulder. drivers are back up too 175. a lot of volume past 32 on 95, as well. no incidents or accidents on the roadway. turning on the cameras and taking it outside under sunny skies, 270 southbound is free flowing from germantown road to montross but still a little below speed. we are estimating the drive time at 15 minutes. hello, virginia. 66 eastbound. here's your shot. we are delayed from the capital beltway -- actually approaching the capital beltway. but the congestion is breaking apart nicely on this interstate. 395 northbound not the same situation. we are crawling along here from the capital beltway to seminary. that's just volume. to wrap it up we take it to realtime graphics where at northeast dc at 24th and south dakota avenue is where we have crash activity confirmed and crews are on the scene
president bill clinton is once again on the world stage for u.s. supremacy. good afternoon. i am mindy basara. the husband of the nation's top diplomat is in north korea to negotiate the release of two jailed american journalists. the international standoff over the countries nuclear program. >> former president bill clinton is not only in north korea, but in direct meetings with the country's reclusive leader, kim jong il. even the north korean experts in south korea, the objective behind a surprise visit is no surprise. >> the fact that he is going there to north korea probably means that they have already made the arrangements for the release of the two reporters. >> the two reporters, laura ling and euna lee have been in custody since march. there were convicted last march on charges of spying. each was sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. although the white house calls it a private visit, the former president will reportedly bring up other issues that divide the two countries. >> it could be a very significant opening in breaking this downward cycle of tension and recrimination be
know you're following that for us. >>> and we just want to give you a quick look at how we got here. laura ling and euna lee were arrested march 17th after allegedly crossing into north korea from china. they were working on a story on human trafficking for al gore's startup media venture, current tv. then in june the pair was convicted of illegal entry and so-called hostile acts. in a close trial they were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. now, let's go ahead and chart the clinton connection. you've got ling and lee and they work for current tv which is owned, of course, by al gore. and then al gore was clinton's vp, the former president, married to secretary of state, hillary clinton, now in africa. no role, by the way, in bill's private mention. so, you can see the connection to all the players going on right now in this. so, is this just one big photo-op or a turning point in one of the world's more dangerous disputes? let's ask our international security analyst, nuclear weapons expert also and president of plowshares fund, he joins me live from washington. joe, let's just l
. look at the thing that got us into the recession. the housing market. we have seen in june, the last month for which we have numbers, an increase, a little one, an increase in the price of homes. a lot of homes being sold and that is interesting. what is happening people are buying homes that distressed or in foreclosure. the increase in home prices in june in major metropolitan areas was .5%. boy, erica, we'll take a gain as opposed to a loss. existing homes the price from may to june went up 3.6%. low compared to last june a year ago, but over the course of one month we have seen an increase. new home sales. this is interesting. we stopped buying and stopped building new homes. up 11% may to june. down compared to last june but up in one month. a lot of stuff going on giving people a sense this economy might be on the mend. >> if it might be on the mend how do we get to the mending point? is it the government intervention? there were programs put in place before obama was in office so can his administration take credit? >> there are mixed views. some economists say if the economy c
, and there could be a few black-and- white films, a few color films, as there used to be. hollywood made the greatest dramas ever made, beautiful movies, and now, because the theaters -- studios are owned by larger companies, and they are so concerned about their stock prices and making acquisitions, they beat the subsidiary up to make money. in the old days, the heads of the studios where tough. they were like harvey weinstein, who is tough and serious, but he loves movies, and he is a showman. i think the old studio heads, who, incidentally, i worked for, like jack warner and sam goldwyn, they love to movies, and they love to to produce different kinds of films -- they love movies -- loved movies, and they loved to produce different kinds of films. it has been going on for two generations now. i t tnk that even television started out as a promising. in the 1950's, there were great writers writing, wonderful directors, like john frankenheimer doing "playhouse 90," and then they got the idea it of doing half-hour shows, and we had 40 or 50 years of that, so the audiences have been taught
are using antidepressant, and it's not only because they're depressed. >> postage due. big money problems may force the closing of hundreds of post offices and force delivery cut-backs. >> and grab your wallet. wait until you hear what it costs raise a child these days. captions paid for by abc, inc. even after leaving office, presidents of the united states hold a special status, allowing them to fulfill roles no one else can. so it was today. former president bill clinton secretly flew to north korea to win freedom for two journalists. laura ling and euna lee were sentenced to hard labor for crossing borders illegally. after he met with kim jong-il, the women were pardoned. >> bill clinton has now left korea. it's unclear whether the journalists are on his plane. president clinton held an emotional meeting with the two journalists before the special pardon was issued. despite a few tense moments, bill clinton seems to have gotten exactly what he wanted. freedom for the journalists, and the north koreans got what they wanted as well. less than 24 hours after he lapded in north korea, he
but not until tomorrow for us and that could trigger showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. but today, mostly sunny skies. a hot afternoon. high of 92 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast. right now let's go to lauren demarco in for julie wright. good morning. >>> we have a new accident 50 westbound at the airport and the h.o.v. lane is blocked so stay to the right to get past that. inbound new york avenue dealing with delays at bladensberg road. on the brakes inbound and then again at the 3rd street tunnel. no problems to report on the beltway. we do have a little bit of slow traffic on the op from college park toward silver spring and bethesda. here we are at the mixing bowl in springfield, 95 northbound looking good as you head in. h.o.v. lanes are moving well. and we do have some slow traffic northbound on 95 from stafford toward route 1. and after that it's a smoother trip toward 395 and the beltway. 395 moves across the 14th street bridge without a problem. that's a check of your tab tab. >> lauren, thank you very much. >>> and new this morning, a tishooting in prince george's cou
father arrest one of its professors. i'm serious. that's in the "hardball sideshow." >>> but first, u.s. congressman lloyd doggett of texas was shouted down at his own town hall meeting in austin, texas. austin is what i'm told apparently the most sophisticated political town in texas, sir. why the zaniness over the weekend at your town hall meeting? let's look at the pictures while you speak of what was going on there. >> what better slogan for the party of no, no way, never, than just say no? one of the reasons is many of these people were summoned in by the local republican and libertarian parties. they didn't even live in the neighborhood. they were there not just to be heard, but to ensure other people weren't heard on this. real desperation tactic. >> what are they up to? why do they want to shut down any talk of reform in health care? >> i think these folks are really desperate to stop health reform. they see that for the first time in 60 years we really have with president obama and a democratic congress a chance to enact meaningful reform and deal with these policies of health
these charges. we will say, again, as we've said before that we said before when they left u.s. soil, they never intended to cross to north korea. according to the charges, they confessed. so we know they're sorry. we're very sorry. and we hope that the north korean government now will show compassion and just let them come home. >> lisa, i mean, does it concern you that the north korean government is saying they were there for a smear campaign, not acknowledging they were independent journalists? >> all we can say is that they are journalists and they were doing their job. my sister has been a journalist for years. and that's really all we can say. you know, we weren't in the courtroom. we don't know any sort of specifics other than what was released. we just hope, you know, given the fact that we know the girls have apologized profusely, that they will let the girls come home to us. it's been -- it's been three months. and that's been too long for us. >> stay with us. because coming up in five minutes' time, we're going to be talking to victor cha, the director of asian affairs at the white ho
and friends, it is an honor to have you with us today and it is an honor for us to host this important celebration. early this year, mason was privileged to be one of the many universities and colleges across the nation to commit itself to the yellow ribbon education enhancement program. a provision to have post 9/11 veterans, the act in 2008, this initiative is designed to extend higher education funding for service men and women who served after the september 11 2001 attacks. i know that mentals of that day still re-- memories of that stay dill remain in all day still remain in all of our hearts. each-year mason's military and veterans office serves nearly 1,000 active duty reserve national guard and veteran students. it provides them with assistance and academic counseling. just as important, this office helps our military men and women adapt from military life to collegiate life and establish a sense of community in what to many is a new environment. we take much pride in the work of this office. today's celebration would not be possible without the leadership and vision of virgini
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